Hearthstone Card Strategy: Big Bonuses, Real Bets and Professional Forecasts


Card strategy Hearthstone has long enjoyed great popularity among gamblers. It has turned military battles into exciting combat with the help of spell cards. This game has taken its rightful place in professional eSports. Thousands of people from all over the world are watching online the tournaments in this discipline. Users even bet on the outcome of such competitions.

Many bookmakers now accept bets on Hearthstone. Particularly popular with gamblers from our country are:

  • EGB.com;
  • 1xStavka;
  • Parimatch;
  • Winline.

These bookmakers offer their guests live viewing of the battles, high winnings, 24-hour service, and many other benefits of cooperation.

Site Egb.com is quite an excellent platform for bets on eSports, and it is the favorite one for many gamblers. This portal offers its guests not only a wide range of tournament proposals. On its pages, you can find the statistics of games, forecasts for the upcoming competitions, bids, and much more. Any registered account owner can use the advantages of this site.

To pass this procedure, the user should open his or her personal account, get some money on it, and place a bet. The account holder can use an electronic wallet or MasterCard/Visa card to transfer the deposit. After replenishment of the game account, there comes a time to make the first bet. Before that, you need to choose a tournament, make a forecast and make bets in a couple of mouse clicks. It is much more convenient than visiting the nearest bookmaker's office.

How Do I bet on Hearthstone Tournaments and Matches?

Hearthstone - card game

The popular card game is a strategy with nine classes of characters. The fascinating adventure involves 30 cards, a shaman, a rogue, a magician, a paladin, a hunter, a warrior, a Druid, a priest, and a warlock. The game lasts until the moment when the health of the fighter is exhausted to zero. Knowing the nuances of this application can help you to make winning bets.

Currently, gamblers are offered three main types of bets. Users can put on the primary outcome, party advantage, or total of the games. All matches in this category of eSports are held in the best of 5 modes. Experienced users recommend beginners in the field of virtual entertainment to make bets very carefully. Even if you are a very lucky person, in order to profit from the bets on this game, you should explore certain things.

Hearthstone Tournaments and Popular Bets

Hearthstone is an eSports game that has tournaments of various formats: local, regional, and international. Users can bet on any event. Fans of the card game enjoy international competitions. Such tournaments allow gamers to win significant amounts.

Often, players use one popular strategy to get a decent score. It involves betting on a direct confrontation. In other words, the bet is made on a specific player. The user who has made such a bet hopes that his favorite will win. Such bets are usually made by very experienced gamers who have information about the participants of the competition. This category of people also often bet on the winner long before the competition starts.

A very popular bet at Hearthstone is also a bid on offer. There are plenty of betting options. You can bet on who will be the first to damage your opponent or play a legendary card. You can raise very good money at these bets. The prize pool in such cases depends directly on the scale of the tournament. For example: at the BlizzCon championship from Blizzard the prize pool was 25 thousand dollars. Winning bets of this event brought people many times more profit.

Fireside Gatherings

Fireside Gatherings are Hearthstone's local eSports tournaments. They are often organized directly by users. Such competitions are held at Internet cafes or university campuses. To organize such tournaments, it is quite enough to gather eight players. Winners of such competitions can take part in the championship Fireside Gathering. Here you can win $2500.

It is not difficult to bet money for this contest online. The above-mentioned bookmakers' offices make bets on tournaments of this level, as well as on "Last Challenge," "Candidates' Cup" HCT (Hearthstone Championship Tour), BlizzCon World Championship from Blizzard. The latter has a prize pool of $250.000. That's how much the winner of the championship gets. The gamblers who made the winning bets will also be satisfied. The high level of the championship allows them to raise quite good money.

The schedule of tournaments and matches in this discipline can be found on the official website of the game, as well as on the pages of the portals of bookmakers' offices. HCT Winter Playoffs Europe is expected in the near future. It will bring together the best players in the world. This tournament can be called an excellent opportunity to perfect the skills of a happy and prosperous gambler.

Betting on Hearthstone: Winning Strategy

Many gamblers wonder if it is possible to win money on the bets in this card game? One hundred percent victory is not predicted by any prophet. After all, there is such factor in our lives as an absurd coincidence. However, everyone can increase their chances of success. To do this, it is necessary to know a few fairly simple rules:

  1. Knowing how to play Hearthstone helps you make the right bets. Ideally, a gambler who prefers to play eSports should understand not only the classification of the shooter but also the strengths of the characters. In this way, the balance of power can be weighed correctly.
  2. The winner will be the one who will bet on the right player. Users are strongly recommended to study the table before making a bet. It has data about the players. With this information, you can find their matches on Twitch. Broadcasts from this site will help to assess the capabilities and strengths of each player accurately. A great addition to the useful information can also be liquidhearth.
  3. Gambler, who knows all the news from the world of eSports, has all the chances to win. Therefore, players should follow the changes in the world of Hearthstone. Changes often have a negative impact on the results of tournaments.

Hearthstone is a game with a lot of luck. However, you should not count on luck when betting on it. The cold calculation has always had tangible results. To use it, you should understand the nuances of the card shooter.

How Do You Make Predictions About Hearthstone?


Only at first glance, the popular game looks like an application in which you can trust only luck. Yes, much depends on the player's cards. However, the experience and talent of a gambler play a considerable role in the outcome of each tournament. Therefore, representatives of eSports organizations involved in match predictions pay special attention to the participants of the competition. They make their bets on players with a mathematical mind, able to make non-standard decisions under challenging situations.

In addition, when making forecasts, experts take into account the degree of motivation of players. The higher the score, the better the chances of success. In order to get information on this issue, the positions of players in social networks are often analyzed, attention is paid to the amount of prize money.

Analysts do not recommend fans to bet on Hearthstone before the matches and tournaments. At this stage, users may be confused by the high odds, which will eventually be much lower than the level of morale of the player. It is better to make bets in the final stages of the competition. However, not all bookmakers accept bets online. Therefore, counting on a significant win, users should worry about a reliable bookmaker's office in advance.

What Awaits Hearthstone in the New Year?

The past year has been a very busy one for Hearthstone. At its end, the Chinese defeated the Brazilians to the ground. But the defeated team before this sad event was the favorite of many tournaments. Now it has moved backwards.

New Year's Eve simply must give a lot of positive emotions to the fans of the card game. After all, it's supposed to be the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT). It seems that they will be completely different from their predecessors. The final chord of this tournament will definitely be the spring world championship.

The best players will gather at this momentous event. During the year, many of them proved their professionalism to other players and spectators. Now, these gamblers will compete for $1.000.000. And gamblers will bet with no less exciting bets.

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