Rainbow Six Siege Bets: Betting Strategies and Team Selection

Rainbow Six Siege is a relatively young team shooter. It appeared in 2015. The creators of the application are the developers of Ubisoft. The main feature of this game can be called not only the accuracy of shooting each individual player of the team.

Rainbow Six

But also his useful role in the overall case. The main tasks of the team as a whole - to disarm the bomb, withdraw the hostages, or hold out until the end of the round. Usually, two teams of fighters collide on the map. In order to celebrate the victory, the team has to win six rounds.

This project is now a massive success among shooters. It has even become one of the disciplines in eSports. This discipline is very much in demand among users from Europe and America.

There are a vast number of tournaments in various formats. The winners of the competitions are often given cash prizes. Gamers who place bets on the Rainbow Six Siege also get a lot of money. Such bets can be made in many bookmakers' offices. Particularly popular with gamblers are sites:

  • 1xStavka;
  • Olymp;
  • Pari-Match;
  • Liga Stavok

These bookmakers guarantee transparency and honesty to their clients. Users can find a wide range of eSports tournaments on these sites. It provides high betting ratios, and there also is the ability to view the match online. Bookmaker's sites have tournament grids and tables of recent championships and tournaments. There are also forecasts of analysts. Anyone can get acquainted with the opinion of professionals and make the most promising bet.

Types of Bets on the Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a fairly young eSport discipline. Therefore, the stakes are not very diverse. This kind of betting is possible:

  1. on the winner of a series or a single match;
  2. on the winner of 1,2,3 maps;
  3. on the advantage on rounds and maps;
  4. on total rounds and cards;
  5. on the first kill;
  6. to the exact account of random or maps;
  7. the winner of the whole tournament or a specific region (long-term bet).

Many professional gamblers enjoy the live shows. Many bookmakers' offices offer them. Such bets are made during the match. Users can watch events online. The main advantage of such bets - their high odds of winnings. However, not every gamer knows how to take advantage of the growing or declining indicators, as well as strategies.


Knowing gamers, playing on such bets, prefer to bet "flat." They determine in advance what amount will be at stake. This figure is usually no more than 5% of the pot. Such a strategy significantly increases the chances of success. And it reduces the risk of losing altogether.

Every user who wants to earn some money on live bets should know that it is strictly forbidden to be greedy in this case. Do not strive for cool results. Do not try to increase your bank by three or more times in one evening. It is enough to add about 5% of the total amount of winnings every day. Thus, it is possible to get a profit in the amount of 37 times over a year.

Betting on the mentioned discipline now appears on the websites of bookmakers' offices quite late. They can be seen no earlier than 1-2 days before the tournament. A team shooter is a small market discipline. In other words, the bets on the Rainbow Six Siege are not usually too high.

The final series of major leagues usually include agreements up to $500. Less significant events are evaluated at bookmakers' offices and even lower. Even when it comes to live betting. The odds of winning this kind of competition are standardly average. The margin usually does not exceed 7%. Therefore, experienced gamers prefer to play in the most significant competitions. The most profitable activities gamblers believe:

  • R6 Pro League;
  • Six Invitational;
  • Six Major.

The organizer of these events is a well-known company Ubisoft. Often it cooperates with the tournament operator ESL. At competitions of this kind, the prize fund is usually up to 70 000 dollars. The results of such events can be tracked with the help of news, transfers, and the R6 calendar. It can be found on the shooter's official website.

In addition to Ubisoft, several companies also host Rainbow Six Siege tournaments for experienced fighters and beginners. At the end of last year, DreamHack organized DreamHack Winter 2018 tournaments with a prize pool of $50,000. Professionals from around the world attended this competition.

The Canadian Nationals Season 2 tournament was also held at the end of last year. Northern Arena organized it. It provided the participants with a prize fund of $11,440. Modest, of course, compared to the Ubisoft's master of tournaments. However, this event also had its own admirers and fans. Some domestic gamers even raised decent money on it. The win went to experienced players, who know everything about the shooter and betting strategy.

Bet on Rainbow Six Siege: Tips From Professionals

Many experienced players understand the Rainbow Six Siege shooter much better than some bookmakers. These gamblers make pretty good money on these bets. They use the forecasts from English-language websites, battle video portals, as well as some strategy for making agreements. They will share it with less experienced "brothers-in-arms". The winning technique includes several useful tips for selecting the best team for the tournament:

Money bets
  1. In order to make a perspective bet, it is necessary to monitor the game scene actively. Knowledge of transfers, match statistics, best team results, etc.;
  2. Winning directly depends on the knowledge of the game. A beginner gambler should learn the mechanics of the game processes and keep up to date with changes;
  3. A shooter-player can only calculate the nuances of a pro-match. Therefore, everyone who wants to win at the bets, just have to play;
  4. Winning often depends on the mood of the team. Preliminary calculating the potential winner should travel through social networks. There you can find a lot of information about the personal life of the players, their mood and desire to win;
  5. The winning financial strategy provides a rational Rainbow Six Siege betting strategy. Do not bet a lot of money on one outcome. Such an approach will necessarily lead to the total loss of the bank.

Using a set of these activities, it is possible to make a reasonably favorable bet. However, to achieve this level of skill, beginners are recommended to listen to the forecasts of experienced analysts. They usually determine the top of the most promising teams with 95% accuracy. You can get a small but stable income on such teams.

The Best Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Professional League Teams

Good gamers can now be found in many countries. After all, the number of fans of the popular team shooter has long exceeded a million. Each tournament determines its winners. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six professional league has its own stars. The company Ubisoft presented them. The lineup of these professionals included teams from different countries:

  • DarkZero Esports;
  • Excelerate Gaming;
  • MantisFPS;
  • Ferox E-Sports;
  • ENCE eSports, etc.

It was these masters of virtual weapons who proved their superiority to each other during the last year. In February 2018, the world championship in popular shooter was held. The event took place on the site of the Place Bell complex in Montreal. The competition included combats from 16 of the world's strongest teams. The group stages of the competition lasted three days.

DarkZero Esports

The founder of the Ubisoft tournament gave the winners the most significant prize fund during the existence of the game. The sum of the winnings amounted to $500,000. Many professional gamblers and bookmakers raised a lot of money at this event.

The next Six Invitational 2019 championship will also be held in February, but this year already. Its prize fund is half a million dollars. However, this value is not final. The prize fund will be replenished by selling in-game items with ESL Pro League symbols. Perhaps, before the tournament, this amount will exceed a million dollars. This is a great motivation for those who want to win.

Rainbow Six Siege bets on the championship are an excellent opportunity to make a decent profit on betting. Experienced bettors are well aware of this. Many of them are already preparing for the upcoming tournament. They watch the battles of the participating teams, get acquainted with the information about the national teams, make preliminary forecasts. Every gamer who wants to win should also work for the future result.

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