Bets on the Rocket League or Real Winnings in eSport

Rocket League is a favorite game of millions of Internet users from all over the world. It is a massive success with football fans because the plot of this game includes football. And not just simple one, but football on wheels. The football battle involves cars, not people. There is a fierce battle between two teams of cars for the ball.

Rocket League

Everyone can take part in such competitions. To do this, one can use the free version of the football simulator. Every gamer who has perfected the skills enough, can take part in the tournament, and thus earn real money. Bets on the Rocket League are also a great way to benefit from your favorite game.

Where Can I Bet on the Rocket League?

The Rocket League game has long been in the category of eSport. Bets on this discipline are now accepted by many bookmakers' offices. The following organizations are especially popular among the users of our country:

  1. FanSport;
  2. 1xBet;
  4. Parimatch;

Parimatch - the Perfect Place to Bet on the Rocket League

Parimatch is a top-rated gaming portal for Ukrainians and Russians. The site was created especially for fans of eSport competitions and fans of ordinary sports. On its pages, you can find a vast number of tournaments and championships on DOTA2, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Overwatch, PUBG, Rocket League.


Placing bets on this portal is not complicated at all. Any registered user can make bets of the site. The clients are also provided with the history of matches, recordings of competitions, forecasts, and many more.

Registration on the site takes a maximum of 10 minutes. To pass it, the user should correctly specify the name, phone number, e-mail, come up with a login and password. After confirming the account, he will be able to refill his balance. The player can deposit money with the help of many payment systems (bank cards, electronic wallets). After the transfer of funds to the game account, the gamer will be available to place bets on the Rocket League.

Bookmaker's office Parimatch offers its customers a whole lot of advantages of cooperation. On this site, you can get high odds, a wide range of opportunities to get a decent score, the pleasure of watching matches in real-time, etc.

The winnings on this game portal are also displayed without any problems. The registered user only needs to order this service in the personal cabinet. At the request of the account owner, the money will be transferred to him by any popular payment system in the shortest possible time.

Types of Bets on the Rocket League

Experienced players who bet on the Rocket League prefer to use specific tactics to get good wins. The most popular strategy of professionals is the "money line" bet. This strategy is placed on the winner of the match in advance. It includes victories in all series of competitions. If successful, such a bet can bring the player a decent amount of money. Such bets can be placed on random matches and games in tournaments. The main thing is to calculate the chances of success in advance.

Often, users bet on the series with an advantage. Such bets are made on teams that start the game with a negative or positive start advantage. A bet is executed if the team's advantage is higher or less than the declared index. Thus, you can win an outstanding amount of money. The main thing for this is to choose the right tournament with a high prize pool, and to select the team as the winner.


The most popular bets on the Rocket League are bets on individual games. Such agreements are usually made in big tournaments. In these competitions, the format is BO5 (up to three wins) or BO7 (up to four wins). This format eliminates the possibility of an unexpected victory. Therefore, experienced gamers often make such bets. They are designed for accurate analytical calculation. That's why they are so good.

Many bookmakers offer live shows to their guests. They can also be placed on the Rocket League. Such bets are made during the live broadcast of the match so that you can make predictions throughout the entire competition. Professional gamers usually set such bets. They know very well how to manage the moment when the highest coefficient is offered.

Analytics of Betting Forecasts on the Rocket League

Every user betting on the Rocket League initially expects to win. However, it is not enough to get a positive result just because you want to. It needs to be supported by analytics. Before you make a bet, you should decide on several factors:

  • Learn about the line-up of the playing team (newcomers usually do not stand out);
  • Decide on the motivation (whether the team itself needs to win or it does not play a role in the ranking);
  • Get acquainted with the latest games of the team (statistics will tell you how the football on wheels team plays at the moment);
  • Try to find out the mood of the team members (disagreements among the players and problems in personal life can negatively affect the result of the competition).

Based on the data listed above, it is possible to create the most accurate forecast. To do this, you should be closer to the Rocket League. Regularly check the tournaments in this discipline. Learn as much as possible about the top and favorite players. Follow the most promising teams. Only in this way you can count on a significant winning. After all, newcomers are very rarely lucky. Statistics suggest that experienced gamers execute 80% of bets.

Tournaments on Rocket League

Rocket League tournaments are events where you can make your heart and wallet happy. At such competitions, the atmosphere of fantastic excitement reigns. English-language tournaments are especially popular with players and spectators. You can raise money and enjoy it.

Rocket League Championship Series

The Rocket League Championship Series is the maestro of all football on wheels tournaments. The game's developers organize it. The prize fund for this competition is about a million dollars. Teams from all over the world take part in this exciting event. Here are going to be the real pros of the game. At competitions of this kind, the winners receive very significant awards. Stakes in such tournaments are also very high. Here you can raise the winnings of thousands of dollars.

The Rocket League Championship Series is currently held not only by game developers but also by some third-party companies. The prize pool of these organizations is much lower. It is often about $50,000. Therefore, when betting on such a tournament, you should learn about its organizer.

ESL Open Cups are the most popular Rocket League competitions. The largest gaming platform ESL holds the tournaments of this series. Everyone can take part in such competitions. Therefore, the main participants of such tournaments are mid-level players. The prizes here are quite modest. Bets on such contests also are not very large.

ESL Major Cups are higher-level tournaments with a prize pool of 500 euros. Such competitions are exciting for more advanced players. Winners of such competitions usually get not only money but also in-game titles. The Russian-speaking Team_Letim team took part in tournaments of this format. Compatriots can be proud of it. This team won the deserved prize ESL monthly elite.

The Zotac Cup is a pretty old gaming tournament. It exists since 2007. Until now, its organizers have held 1200 tournaments of this format. Now such competitions are held a couple of times a month. Their prize fund is 120 euros. At these tournaments, gamers are expected to be above average. Beginners have nothing to do at such competitions. The only way for them to make money at the tournament is to bet on the Rocket League. You can get a pretty good win on them.

Shift Pro League (120 euro prize pool) and GhostBoosters (up to $500 prize pool) are also popular with betting fans. You can place bets on these competitions in the Parimatch Bookmaker's Office.

Russian-language tournaments are now at the initial stage of development. They are often organized by regular football on wheels fans with strong sponsorship. The prize fund of such competitions is usually created from the contributions of the participants. Often it is quite modest. Prize money is calculated in rubles. Winning bets are paid in the same way. Many gamblers who make money on the bet, bypass such tournaments. For beginners, Russian-speaking competitions are a great way to sharpen the ability to make the right predictions.

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