Betting on King of Glory Matches - An Opportunity to Win Real Money

The famous mobile King of Glory MOBA appeared in late 2015. It is developed by the Chinese company Tencent. The game is now considered to be one of the most popular in the world.

King of Glory

There are more than 50 million users playing this free game. The number of users is steadily growing due to the high quality of the application, engaging gameplay, as well as the possibility to play 24 hours a day with almost any gadget.

King of Glory was included in the eSports list recently. Now there are many professional teams in this game that take part in prestigious tournaments. Most successful cyber athletes are Chinese. And that's not surprising. After all, until recently, this application was almost inaccessible to residents from other states.

Online matches and King of Glory betting are popular with users from all countries. That allows gamblers to enjoy and make real money by making bets. The main audience of betting sites recently were only Chinese. Now making bets on this game is also available for players from other countries.  Russian-speaking gamblers can make bets now, too.

Betting on Kings of glory Is Available

The popular game became a great way to earn money for professional cyber athletes and gamblers. The first can earn a decent prize at tournaments. The second can make bets via bookmakers’ websites. At the moment, many bookmakers are working closely with the citizens of our country. These websites are extremely popular among gamblers:

  • Pinnacle;
  • FanSport;
  • Loot.Bet;
  • Loot.Bet;

These gaming services provide their customers with very high odds. On these sites, you can find forecasts, tips, news, game analytics, and online broadcasts. All these services have a license and a high level of reliability. Some offer customers mobile versions of their own sites.

By downloading such an application, you can make bets on your favorite teams 24 hours a day without any issues. However, users must first complete the registration and verification procedure. This is the only option to create and make a deposit on an account. Regular guests of online bookmakers’ websites are not allowed to make bets.


Loot.Bet is a relatively new bookmaker. It was established in 2016. Now it offers gamblers quite a decent amount of eSports to bet on. The site allows making bets on winners of matches, total cards, and rounds, first blood, etc. Residents of different states can bet on this online gambling facility.

The resource interface supports multiple languages. This bookmaker accepts four types of currency, including Rubles. It works with various payment systems (Visa/Mastercard, Skrill (Moneybookers), PaysafeCard, Neteller, etc.).

You can deposit and withdraw funds here using bank cards and electronic wallets. The minimum withdrawal amount on the site is 10 euros. The money is withdrawn without commission within 24 hours. Sometimes withdrawal takes three days. However, it happens rarely.

Experienced players speak very positively about this website. After all, it guarantees its customers a quick withdrawal of winnings from the site. Here you can find the best odds and tips on betting on top teams. In addition, the bookmaker offers registered users bonuses for the first deposit. The amount of such a reward is 100% of the deposit of the game account. A resident of any state who has reached the age of majority and has agreed to the terms and services can make bets here.

Kings of Glory Betting Action Lines

The popular mobile game is very similar to League of Legends. Therefore, gamblers here can choose from almost the same types of bets. Signed in users of bookmaker sites can make a bet on:

  1. The winner of the match (the winner is figured out on the basis of official rules of the tournament);
  2. The winner of a card (the winner is figured out by results of the fight for the specified card);
  3. The total number of games or cards (you can win if you figure out the precise number of games or cards before the winner is announced);
  4. Exact score;
  5. Whether the fifth game is played (it happens that the last battle is not required to determine the winner);
  6. On advantages on cards (the bet wins when the final outcome is correctly determined);
  7. On the first blood (which team will kill the enemy hero first), etc.
Bets online

Almost all of the listed above bets can be made online. For this purpose, it is necessary to make live bets. Many bookmakers broadcast matches online. Such bets are common for experienced gamblers. They are made during the match.

Bets like this can be very beneficial for players if made at the moment of odds increase. Live bets will definitely give the audience a huge number of strangling moments. After all, you can see your bet winning online. However, such bets are not recommended to be made by inexperienced beginners. They are designed to test the reaction and proficiency of experienced gamblers.

How to Earn on King of Glory Betting - Tips from Analytics

King of Glory is a relatively young discipline. However, it already has its own winning betting strategies. Professional players and analysts do not recommend beginners to rely only on luck. The success of such a bet is about 15%. It is much better to bet on the basis of preliminary calculation:

  • Do research about the prize pool, tournament organizers, teams and individual players;
  • View the game rating of the teams that take part in the event;
  • Sharpen the skill of the analyst on broadcasts of the past matches;
  • Research the terms and conditions of the game and the characteristics of the characters;
  • Figure out whether the match outcome is crucial for participants (its outcome may not affect the position of the team in the tournament table);
  • Look through social networks, learn the mood of players (perhaps one of the gamblers has no belief in victory).

You shouldn't count on a big win without knowing the peculiarities of betting. Just like you cannot win Formula One race right after getting a driving license. Only the professionalism of the gambler can bring real cash. It cannot be gained on the couch-experts’ forums.

Such sites offer their guests pointless and useless tips about King of Glory. Such information should not be taken into consideration. It is also necessary to throw out recommendations of bookmakers about the advantages of express bets. It will only lead you to losses.

All the information listed above will significantly increase the chances of success. You should work hard to get it. Collecting useful information is quite difficult for beginners. However, you cannot become a master of forecasting without efforts. Only gradually sharpening skills efforts can bring you to make King of Glory betting a great way of earning.

King of Glory Tournaments

Since the moment the popular Chinese mobile application was announced, a huge number of tournaments were held. The prize pool of such events can vary. The Korea King Pro League Fall 2018 tournament brought winners $176 903. Đấu Trường Danh Vọng Mùa Xuân 2018 - $17 600. Event on the mobile game, King of Glory 2018 had a $1 000 000 prize pool.

Korea King Pro League Fall 2018

Mainly Chinese eSport-athletes took part in this competition. They won the grand prize. The main viewers of this competition were the Chinese. The people of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau were extremely active as well.

Gamblers who managed to make winning bets for this tournament raised quite big money. Many of them won thousands of dollars. Statistics claim that the largest sums were received by experienced gamblers. They used an old but reliable strategy of information collecting to reach this result.

Most of the tournaments with impressive prize pools are organized by Tencent company. It is making it all to increase the popularity of the game. It can be said that the appearance of the greatest teams like QGhappy and YTG Gaming was a result of Tencent company efforts.

They are now considered to be the best athletes of this eSport. These guys are constantly refining their skills. They devote 6 hours a day to the favorite game and the development of new strategies. The past season was quite successful for the participants of these teams. Perhaps in the new season, they will also please their fans with more victories.

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