Betting on Overwatch: the Opportunity to Earn Money on Your Favorite Team

Team shooter Overwatch is a very interesting game, made in cartoon style with excellent graphics. It has dozens of unique heroes with superpowers. The plot of this game is based on the battle of good and evil, which takes place in the distant future.


Relatively recently, this shooter has moved to the category of eSport. Currently, every fan of this colorful game can get not only a lot of fun from the gameplay, but also earn real money. To do this, he just needs to become a member of one of the tournaments or put bets on Overwatch.

Competitions in this eSport are held regularly. The Overwatch League will start on February 14, 2019. This tournament will be attended by 20 teams. The list of participants includes teams from Paris, Atlanta, Washington, London, and other cities of the world. It is these teams that will compete for the prize pool during the 4 stages of the competition.

Support their favorites in this difficult business and earn on their victory will be possible for any user of the network. You can bet right now on the GG.BET website or other similar services. This portal guarantees its clients the best payout ratios and quick withdrawal of money from the account. Overwatch League of 2019 has $1,500,000 at stake. Any gamer can get a part of the prize fund.

Overwatch Bets: Bookmakers with the Best Odds

In the new year, many bookmakers are betting on Overwatch. According to gamblers from our country, only a few offer really acceptable terms of cooperation to their clients. The list of popular domestic bookmakers includes:

  • Parimatch;
  • Fonbet;
  • Rivalry;
  • GG.BET.

On these sites, you can bet on various eSports disciplines, including Overwatch. Stakes on the cartoon shooter here are accepted on the main outcome, total, and the advantage of the maps. Because of the youth of this eSport, other bets are not made yet. However, the experts are working on it.


In the listed bookmakers' offices, users can make popular live betting on Overwatch. Such bets are made in real-time, when the match takes place. Live-betting is an entertainment and a way of earning for experienced players. To conclude such agreements, you should not only believe in your team but also correctly count the chances of its success.

It's not hard to make a mistake in a bet like this. After all, the situation may change at any time. Therefore, experienced gamblers never bet on impressive amounts in 1-2 rounds. They are looking forward to the last minutes of the game. Thus, the chances of success and getting a decent win increase.

How Do I Bet on Overwatch on Parimatch?

Parimatch is a licensed bookmaker's office. On this site, it is not difficult to bet on eSports. Here you can bet on a variety of disciplines. In order to put real money on your favorite team, users should register on the site.

The registration procedure starts by pressing the corresponding key in the upper right corner. It involves filling in all fields of the questionnaire (name, email address, password, secret question, etc.), as well as downloading documents in electronic format. After the authorization on the site, each client can replenish the account and start betting on money.

Replenishment of the Account on "Parimatch"


You can top up your account at a popular bookmaker's office with the help of various payment systems (e-wallets, mobile operators, bank cards). The procedure of depositing funds to a user's personal account involves pressing the "Input/Output" key.

The "Replenish" button and the available replenishment variants are immediately displayed in this tab. The client should choose the most acceptable way of repayment from them. In the opened window, the amount is entered, the transfer of money is confirmed. The funds are immediately transferred to the player's account. Now it is quite possible to make bets on real money.

Withdrawal of Money from the Parimatch

It is not a difficult task to withdraw the winnings from the site "Parimatch". It involves visiting the "Input/Output" tab. You can order the transfer of funds to the desired account. As in the case of depositing money, you need to choose the desired payment system among the available methods. Then you should press the "Order" button, enter the amount and details. After this procedure, the funds will be transferred to the specified account as soon as possible.

Overwatch: Popular Ways to Make Bets

Overwatch is a very young, but quite promising game. Now these eSports bets are made only in a standard format. Gamblers often invest in a team that they think will win. Winning odds are paid based on the total amount of money in the prize pool.


Many kinds of eSports disciplines are now being offered fantasy bets. The player chooses a non-existent virtual team when betting. The outcome of the game is projected on the indicators of real players. In Overwatch fantasy-bets are almost not accepted.

However, the portal Vulcun promises cartoon shooter lovers to launch this kind of betting soon. While gamblers have to be satisfied with the bets on the main outcome, total and advantage on the maps. However, with their help, you can get a decent score. The main thing for this is to make bets on a major tournament.

How to Win Money on Overwatch?

Quite often, when betting on a particular sport, people who know everything about discipline win. Overwatch is no exception to the rules. This eSport gives very little chance to inexperienced beginners to win. When betting on this discipline, informed gamblers often win.

Therefore, when betting on matches of this kind, it is necessary to know literally everything about the players of the team (whether there was a substitution, whether the participant was sick, etc.). Besides, the following tips will help users to improve the statistics of winnings:

Step to the prize - knowledge of the rules of a particular tournament. They should be carefully studied before betting.

Server selection is a part of the team's victory. Often, players from different parts of the world participate in the tournament. A hitch in the match because of the World Wide Web can be a determining factor for the loss.


Player analysis. When betting on a match, you should first find out how important the game is to the team. If it doesn't mean anything to its members and doesn't affect the position in the standings, it's possible to play a game of half-strength without leading players.

Evaluation of the level of the tournament itself. In regional and insignificant competitions, the players of the second squad often take part. And this is not the best contingent for making big bets.

Assessment of the skill level of the players. Experienced gamblers, both online and offline, do not lose confidence. Less persistent players may show some confusion in such cases, which negatively affects the outcome of the competition.

When betting on Overwatch, it is essential to be completely impartial. You should not bet money on your favorite team if it has a real chance of losing. To get a decent win, you should have a cold heart and a sober mind. This is the only way to count on luck.

The Best Overwatch Teams

The popular shooter is now less than 3 years old. However, in this relatively short period of time, about 20 million people have become fans of it. The best teams in the discipline were created from them. Real virtuosos of cartoon shooter are now considered to be:

  1. London Spitfire;
  2. Philadelphia Fusion;
  3. Los Angeles Valiant;
  4. South Korea;
  5. Canada;
  6. New York Excelsior.
London Spitfire

The London Spitfire team won the popular Overwatch League tournament. Its members took away a prize fund of $1,000,000. This team represents the UK. Its owner is Jack Etienne.

There are no British members on this team. All the players of the national team are from South Korea. These are the people who made it into eSports history as winners of the first Overwatch championship. They beat The Philadelphia Fusion 3-0. And honestly earned a lot of money and a handmade silver sculpture. In the new season, these computer game professionals will try to consolidate the result, and for the second time, become the winners of the world championship.

The Philadelphia Fusion team is the main rival of the London team. It was the team that opposed the winners of the first Overwatch League. The national team is made up of very strong players. They can be called real masters of eSports. Before reaching the finals, these players trained for 4 hours on their skills. And as much time to analyze the results of the battle. However, in the end, they still lost to the players from London Spitfire. Perhaps in the New Year, they will catch up.

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