Betting on NBA2K: High Winnings and Joy of Victory


NBA2K is the favorite game of many basketball fans. The number of fans of this simulator is gradually growing. A decent amount of gamers dreams of gathering a universal basketball player and conquering the sports world with him. Or at least to "score five three-pointers per match" or "make five block shots" like a pro.

Relatively recently, virtual basketball has become part of eSports. Thus, this game has become an excellent tool for raising money. Gamers of different levels of training, as well as gamblers, can now earn on the popular simulator by making predictions and bets on NBA2K. Bets on this discipline are made on the sites of many bookmakers. In Russia, bettors favor the following services:

  • EGB (Egamingbets);
  • 1xStavka;
  • Olymp;
  • Pari-Match;
  • Liga Stavok.

EGB (Egamingbets) is a specialized site that accepts bets on eSports. Here you can bet on Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, Hearthstone, HOTS, and other disciplines. This bookmaker's office offers its customers a reasonable payout ratio, a wide range of bets, quick deposit, and withdrawal of funds from the account of the personal cabinet. Here you can get a nice bonus for cooperation and deposits. The margin value of the operator varies within 8%, which means that the coefficient corresponds to 1.85.

Bets on NBA2K on this site can be made long before the match or in live mode. The bookmaker's office offers its clients a lot of opportunities for profitable betting. Users can earn quite good money on the regular sports season NBA 2K League. It includes many promising matches.

This eSports League starts every year with the help of the National Basketball Association. About 70 thousand players from all corners of the globe take part in it. The prize fund of this event is $1 million + the Cup. It is not every player who gets a part of the agreed amount, but the whole team. After all, the eSports discipline NBA2K - is a team struggle for the title to be the best.

Gamblers can quickly obtain thousands of dollars in this event. Analytics, match statistics, experience, knowledge of the game, and cold calculation will help each bettor to get a positive result and win the championship on favorable bets.

Types of Bets on NBA2K

Bookmaker's office EGB (Egamingbets) offers players a wide range of sporting events, but not bets. One can only make classic bets on NBA2K sport here:

  1. On the winner of the match;
  2. On the exact score (how many times the ball has been in the team ring).

Experienced gamers often use the catch-up strategy to conclude such agreements. It implies a gradual increase in the size of the bet to cover previous betting costs. Bettors, using this method, usually place their bets on the same result. They only change the strategy after winning. And again, they play until the end of the game.

The catch-up strategy includes various types of bets made consistently (7-8 consecutively). Using it, you can make bets:

  • On the winning favorite;
  • On the outsider's victory;
  • On a draw;
  • On total.

All of these betting options should be done after careful consideration of the potential winner's possibilities. The bet made at random usually brings only disappointment and bankruptcy.


All listed bets can be made on the EGB (Egamingbets) website. Only for this purpose, it is necessary to register in the bookmaker's office. Ordinary guests of the resource are not allowed to make money bets. Registration on the site will not take more than 10 minutes. It is standardly accompanied by verification and transfer of money to the game account.

After these manipulations, the account owner is given the opportunity to put real money on the line, use the advantages of the bookmaker, to withdraw the winnings with the help of various payment systems without problems.

Deposit and Withdrawal to EGB (Egamingbets)

Each holder of his or her own EGB account has the option of a quick deposit and withdrawal of funds. These procedures are performed with the help of Webmoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI Wallet, Skrill (Moneybookers),, Neteller, and other payment systems. The sum of a minimum withdrawal from this site is 15$. In order to receive funds, the account owner should submit an application to the administration of the portal. A bookmaker's office will approve and transfer the money within 24 hours.

How to Make a Profitable Bet in NBA2K?

To make a profitable bet, you need to select a bookmaker's office beforehand. Beginners can give preference to the abovementioned sites. Or choose a reliable third party bookmaker who has a license. Next, the player should register on the site and top up your personal account. For a good start in the world of excitement, one hundred dollars will be enough.

It is impossible to make profitable bets without knowledge of the nuances and essence of NBA2K, as well as without information about the best players and sporting events. The statistics of tournaments and championships available on the websites of bookmakers' offices will help you to choose the potential winner at the beginning.

In order to become a professional bettor, the user should take into account the following points:

  1. Perspective bet - a bet made on an experienced, purposeful team (bettor should know everything about the winner, up to the mood of the players);
  2. The real winnings are only possible with knowledge of the game (this knowledge can only be obtained by playing);
  3. Increasing the chance of success - watching past match broadcasts (video of played events will help to evaluate the players' abilities);
  4. The average bet is a steadily growing bank. (Experienced bettors never invest all their money in one bet. They prefer to make several average bets. This way you can protect yourself from financial collapse);
  5. It is recommended to spend no more than 1% of your bankroll on transactions in eBasketball, as in any virtual game. (If the coefficient is lower than 2.0 - use special online calculators to calculate).

Many newbie players have the misconception that betting should be on their favorite team or on the players who brought luck last time. This is not true at all. Favorable bets do not tolerate pleasant emotions. They should be based on a simple calculation. It is quite possible that your favorite will not win. So, maybe next time there will be an agreement on it.

Useful information is the basis of any winning bet. You shouldn't get it from housewives' and sofa basketball players' forums. Such resources clog the world's web with meaningless and useless suggestions and words.

You can find really useful information about teams and individual players on specialized websites, as well as on the official portal of the virtual basketball developer and tournament organizers. A huge help for each player will be the analysis of statistics of winnings and losses of players or teams.

You can become a professional player by making bets consistently. This does not mean that you should place bets without breaks and weekends. The brain of every person sooner or later gets tired of working. At some point, it makes its owner feel invincible and omnipotent. It is in this period that you can lose control over the bets. And make a bet, which will completely bankrupt the bankroll.

Which Teams Should I Bet On At NBA2K?

Cavs Legion

During the existence of virtual football, many promising professional teams have been formed. Many of them showed themselves very brightly at the NBA 2K League. The list of favorites of the annual eLeague includes the following teams:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers (Cavs Legion);
  • Dallas Mavericks (Mavs Gaming);
  • Indiana Pacers (Pacers Gaming);
  • Detroit Pistons(PistonsGT).

Experienced gamers, making NBA2K bets, most often choose these teams. These teams had repeatedly won in 2018. Fans expect a good game from them in the new season. Therefore, when betting, beginning bettors should pay attention to these professionals.

Top NBA2K Players

The developers of the basketball simulator also created an improvised top of the best NBA2K players. The list of ball virtuosos included attacking defenders:

  1. James Harden;
  2. Jimmy Butler;
  3. Clay Thompson;
  4. Demar Derozan;
  5. Bradley Bill.

In addition, analysts have also identified the best forwards and centers. The rating of these players can be found on the pages of almost any bookmaker's office in the statistics or analytics section. These professional gamers can become real stars of any tournament. The presence of these players in the team significantly increases the chances of success. When betting, you should pay attention to the presence of these people in the team.

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