Money and Skins Bets in PUBG - a Great Way to Earn Some Cash

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

A new discipline of PUBG has emerged relatively recently in the world of eSports. It is based on a game in which 100 players are dropped from the plane to the island. Here they should not only get equipment, weapons, machinery but also stay alive. Korean developers released the game in 2017. Now it is popular with thousands of gamers from our country.

Thanks to the steadily growing success, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been included in the category of eSports games. Tournaments and singles are currently held in this discipline in many countries. The best athletes can demonstrate their skills here and get decent money for it. The fans of emotions are given an opportunity to make PUBG bets with items, skins, and real money.

Where Is It Profitable to Bet on Money in PUBG Matches?

The popularity of eSports is growing exponentially. And with it, the number of bookmakers' offices, which accept bets on PUBG, increases. Excellent payout ratios and quality service offer their customers bookmakers with a good reputation:

  2. GG.BET;
  4. Parimatch;
  5. Marathon;
  6. EGB (Egamingbets).

On the listed sites, you can make profitable bets, watch game forecasts, team statistics, and news. These offices offer their regular customers a lot of promotions. Every adult user can take advantage of the cooperation.

Yandex Money

Each bookmaker's office provides gamers with a wide range of bets on eSports. Money bets on these sites include a registration procedure. This procedure ensures the opening of a personal account and replenishment of the game account. You can deposit money to the site with the help of MasterCard/Visa cards or electronic purses WebMoney, YandexMoney, etc. After that, it is necessary to choose the required tournament and to make bets on PUBG.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a relatively new discipline. Therefore, bookmakers offer the players very few varieties of betting. In the vast majority of such offices, money can be put on the outcome of a particular match or competition. Also, on these sites, it is possible to make bets on the comparison or totals of the popular players' kills, to understand whether the gamer will get in the top. As you can see, there is no extraordinary diversity here.

Betting on PUBG: Analyst from Experienced Players

PUBG is a game in which real people participate. That's why it can be calculated. Analytics helps experienced gamers to win very good money on the correct forecast. Using the advice of professionals in the gambling industry, you can make a winning bet even if you are a beginner.

Three main aspects will allow each user to make a profitable bet:

  • It is recommended to bet on experience. Many tournament players are newcomers and beginners. A thorough analysis will help to identify the team of professional eSportsmen from the masses of applicants.
  • You should pay attention to the prize pool. Real professionals rarely participate in tournaments with modest prizes. Even with the participation of such teams, they often lose on purpose. Thus, they try to win on this. A gamer who bet on professionals loses his bet. Therefore, do not take into account the experience in tournaments with a prize pool of fewer than 300 thousand dollars. The unpredictability of the game characterizes such competitions.
  • Be sure to study the latest news. Before making a bet, it is worth learning as much information as possible about the playing teams. Perhaps the players are not configured in the best way. And this means that they may well be playing at half the effort. And the result is a trivial loss. Such information is available on social networks and specialized forums. It will help to determine the right winner.

Gambling beginners who make bets on money, better be sure to get acquainted with all the nuances of the game, the best teams, winning strategies. It is challenging to master all methods in a short time. Therefore, at the initial stages, you should review the forecasts of professionals. Do not bet on a team that has less than 80% probability of success. It is recommended to bet on the main favorites of the match.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a young eSports discipline. However, it already has its leaders: Tempo Storm, Ghost Gaming, ethod, Cloud9, Noble, FaZe, Digital, Chaos, etc. The success of these gamers is worth seeing this year. Perhaps they will bring good luck and a decent win.

Where Can I Bet with PUBG Skins or Items?

Betting on money is a great way to earn money and have fun for gamblers. Betting with PUBG skins and items is what gamers need to do when playing the game. They allow players to get rid of unnecessary things that lie idle, as well as multiply their rewards.

  1. Skins Casino;
  3. Bets4.PRO;
  4., etc.

Any registered user can take advantage of the features of the specialized sites. The only limitation here is the minor age of the user. Gaming platforms usually cooperate with gamers who are over 18 years old. By agreeing

The registration procedure for these portals involves creating an account with Steam. With the help of this gaming platform, the user will be able to bet on items and skins. The cost of such items depends on the pricing policy of a particular site. It can be updated daily without warning. The new price, of course, will affect the size of the bet. This should be known to every gamer who makes this kind of bet.

Popular PUBG Tournaments

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a very popular, really royal battle. Millions of people love this game. That's why many private tournaments have been organized in this discipline so far. Some of them even had a very decent prize pool:

  • CIS MASTER SERIES ($2000);
  • PGI ($100,000 and two Grand Finals slots);
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds champions in FPP mode ($400,000), etc.

Teams from all over the world attended last year's championship. The team from China - OMG - won a well-deserved victory in this competition. It was they who got $400,000. Its player turned out to be the best shooter of the FPP mode.

He was able to make 34 kills. The rest of the prize fund was divided among the teams who took 2nd - 17th place. Not only were the winners able to earn good money at this tournament. Gamblers, who gave preference to players from China, received thousands of dollars in bets.


PUBG Resf Cup SQUAD #3 tournament was held in Russia in 2018. It was organized by the Federation of Computer Sports of Russia. Gamers from all countries aged 16 and over could take part in it. The player who made the 1st place became the owner of the prize fund of 50 thousand rubles. Pretty good winnings were also received by users who bet on the outcome.

At the end of 2018, the final of the PUBG MOBILE tournament was held at the Kiev Sports Arena. The prize fund of this event amounted to $ 20 000. 16 teams from Europe attended it.

Qualifying matches were held on the map of Erangel. Prize points were obtained for the kill of players and team winnings. In addition to the monetary reward, the winning team also received a ticket to Dubai. And some people who bet on its victory raised more money than the winners themselves.

The new 2019 can also be a very fruitful one for PUBG. One of the founders of PENTA Sports Alexander Hugo, shared his plans for the future on Twitter. This season the PUBG professional league will be launched. It will be created for gamers from Europe, China, North America, and Korea.

Currently, the operator controlling this league has not been appointed yet. But the developers will decide with him in the nearest future. In the nearest plans, there is a development of eSports discipline championship for beginners. The appearance of such tournaments is planned in the next 5 years.

The Best PUBG Players in the CIS

The past year has shown that there are many good PUBG players in the former post-Soviet space. Among such gamers are distinguished:

  1. Drainys;
  2. de1uxepwnz;
  3. KTVSKY;
  4. makataO;

Drainys is one of the most promising Russian shooters. For two years, he has been perfecting his skills in the PUBG battles royal. Thanks to his persistence, he was able to achieve real success in the game. He left the Natus Vincere team relatively recently and changed it for Unique. With this team, the player won the Global Loot League Season 1. In the new year, fans of the eSportsman expect him to do better.

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