LoL Bets: Profitable Direction in eSport

League of Legends

Recently, cyber-competition attracts attention not only bookmakers but also a vast number of gamblers. And this is not surprising because in tournaments, a massive amount of professional gamers take part, and their prize pools are no less than those of ordinary athletes.

League of Legends is the most popular game in the world. This is confirmed by the statistics of gamers and spectators. The stakes are growing at a fast pace and scare even the most experienced bookmakers, and every second there are new people who want to join the League of Legends.

Features of Match Forecasting

According to the rules, participants have the right to banish champions. To make predictions about the outcome of the match, it is necessary to study the characters of the team in detail. This way, you can determine which of them will be excluded from the game. Please note that champions have a set of abilities that can disable opponents.

Today there are a lot of gamers who successfully earn on betting. Their analytics is available on social networking sites. It is up to you to believe in such forecasts or not. Use your observations and opinions of professionals and then bets on LoL will be easy; they will undoubtedly be successful and incredibly profitable.

Basic Rules for Successful Bets


League of Legends bets are very popular lately. The main options include bets on the victory of one of the teams, on the final score of the match, or a particular card. Some bookmakers offer to bet on the participants who killed the dragon first, on the team that first opened the game, etc.

Adhering to simple rules, you can calculate bets with real money correctly:

  • the higher the odds, the higher the amount of money won;
  • there is a high probability of winning at low odds, but the payouts will be low as well;
  • betting on the tournament's frontrunner increases the chance of winning, but there may also be an unexpected outcome of the game;
  • bets are best placed at bookmakers' offices with a proven track record and positive feedback;
  • don't forget to control yourself by setting limits.

LoL Game: Rules and Principles

League of Legends is a multiplayer combat arena, with tens of millions of registered users, and more than half of them go online every day. MOBA genre is the most common now and takes a leading position in eSports.

Beginners are usually interested in the most straightforward question: how to play? Let's start with the basic principles and rules of the game. There are two teams in the match, each of which has five members. The primary purpose of the game is to destroy the enemy base. Out of 110 available champions, the team chooses 5. You cannot take the three characters banned by the opponent before the game.

Game map

There's no such thing as the same characters in the game. Anyone has a unique set of features, skills, and abilities. This allows you to develop many winning tactics for fighting in the virtual arena.

The game starts from opposite corners of the map. Moving towards their goal, the characters perform specific tasks: destroying towers, monsters, and much more, for which the participants receive gold. For it, you can buy the necessary items in the game. The team is awarded a point for the destruction of the opponent's champion. The team that destroyed the main structure of the enemy becomes a winner, regardless of the score of the entire match.

League of Legends Tournaments

LoL started its journey to eSport in 2011. Every year the game gathers teams from all over the world for tournaments and championships. Qualifying rounds are held first, and the final in autumn. Over $10 million is played out in a year, not counting the last fight. This is a genuinely golden vein in eSport.


Before betting on the League of Legends, you should read in detail about the participating teams, their advantages, and disadvantages. When choosing a leader for yourself, pay attention to the team's cohesion and integrity and its previous fights. The right bets are sure to be successful if you take into account all the details and features.

You should also always keep an eye on the latest news. Always watch the teams' games, analyzing their tactics and successes.

How Do I Bet on LoL?

Bets on eSport and, in particular, on LoL matches should be made in proven bookmakers' offices, which have been on the market for many years. This will give you a guarantee of 100% winnings. When choosing a company, review the rating of the best offices and pay attention to the licensing activities and reviews of players.

To place money on the BO website, you will need to register. To perform gambling operations, a gamer must be at least 18 years old. To confirm your age, you need to fill out a form with personal information.


Next, you need to deposit money into the balance. Usually, the game currency is selected during the registration process. You will also need to learn all possible ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Often, prestigious offices cooperate with the most common and reliable payment systems. Then choose a suitable tournament and game and bet on the victory.

Before withdrawing money from the account, it is necessary to pass the verification procedure. For this purpose, a scanned copy of the passport is provided to the office. The bets are made relying not only on luck but also on experience. Therefore, study, analyze, and calculate.

Bets on LoL are gaining popularity in the betting industry rapidly. In this game, you can enjoy yourself. Both beginners and experienced players can place bets. With every game, you will gain more and more experience and will be able to predict the outcome of the battle more accurately, and therefore, your winnings will become more significant.

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