Betting on World of Tanks (WoT) or How to Profitably Invest in the Game

World of Tanks (WoT) is a favorite game of a massive number of gamers. Only 17 million players use the Russian-language interface of this application. About a million people are simultaneously in the game during the peak load.

World of Tanks

Tank battles involve users from all over the world, even from the very Vatican. Many gamers also enjoy playing the World of Tanks Blitz smartphone app. It allows you to enter the game at any time of the day and night from the gadget.

The game WoT has long been not just a favorite toy of representatives of different genders and ages. It was introduced into the category of eSports. Now you can earn very good money on this popular application.

Gamers have the opportunity to participate in tournaments with cash prizes. Gamblers can easily bet on World of Tanks (WoT). To do this, they just need to master the strategy of making profitable bets, as well as use the services of a reliable bookmaker.

Betting on World of Tanks (WoT): the Best Bookmakers

Many bookmakers' offices have taken into account the popularity of WoT eSports. Thanks to this, entire sections dedicated to making such bets have appeared on the pages of such sites. The best bookmakers in our country can be found at the top of the list:

  1. 1xBet;
  2. Egaming Bets;
  3. E-Bets Online;
  4. Parimatch;
  5. CybBet, etc.

These portals provide their players with a whole array of benefits of cooperation, bonuses, quick registration, honesty, and transparency of relations. They provide advantageous betting ratios, round-the-clock service, fast deposit, and prompt withdrawal of money from the game account, a wide range of tournaments, and bets.

Types of WoT bets


WoT is a team discipline. Therefore, bets on such battles are no different from bets on other team sports. Gamers can conclude a standard agreement in almost all specialized bookmakers' offices:

  • on the outcome of a match or round;
  • on the winner of the tournament.

In addition, bookmakers offer their customers bets with advantage, total, systems, and express services. There are very unusual bets in the piggy bank of such offices:

  1. on the time interval required to kill the enemy;
  2. the number of kills a team or player will commit;
  3. the most valuable player in the competition, etc.

You can make profitable bets of this kind at tournaments and random fights. It is quite easy to find information about such battles on the site of any bookmaker's office. There is also an opportunity to make live bets and enjoy watching tank fights in real-time.

Tips and Strategies for Investing in the Best Tank Game

Statistics say that only 10% of newcomers to the betting world win bets by chance. Experienced gamers standardly raise the real money on this activity. To get significant winnings, they apply a particular strategy. Advice from these professionals will be useful for new clients of betting offices:

  • When choosing a potential winner of a match, it is necessary to learn all about the teams of players. To do this, you need to collect information about the latest matches, the most promising members of the national team, substitutions, etc.;
  • Do not bet on intermediate competitions. At the early stages of the tournament, the results of the matches are amazingly unpredictable. Therefore, the bets should be made when there is a severe game;
  • Streams of battles of a potential favorite and his opponent will help to find out which team is in the best shape. Match views will help to assess the chances of victory for all participants. You can win very good money based on streamers. Don't despair if your luck has come from a cold calculation of your opponent's strength, not your favorite team.

All tank battles usually take place in the format of "15 by 15". For these battles, several basic modes are used:

  1. Capture your opponent's base;
  2. Capture a single checkpoint;
  3. Total destruction of enemy troops.

The outcome of all these battles is often greatly influenced not only by the experience of the soldiers but also the right choice of tanks. This should be remembered by gamblers who bet on World of Tanks (WoT). The technique of the popular game differs in its characteristics. Professional players, when choosing a tank to fight, trying to balance out the imbalance of mobility and endurance. However, they do not always get it. Bookmakers often play on the knowledge of such nuances.

Useful information about WoT teams can be found on specialized websites and forums. It will allow any user to become a real betting pro. Player statistics can be found on the KTTC portal. On WOT-NEWS, it is easy to calculate the efficiency of the tank. The vBaddict website offers its users a lot of analytical materials about players' activity, battlefields, and techniques. These resources will help beginners to learn the basics of profitable bets.

The bets on the favorites are the golden classics of winning combinations. Such agreements allow us to earn quite decent money. However, when concluding them, you should be especially careful. Often bookmakers from the first minutes of the match begin to slip the favorite odds. Therefore, such bets should be made on World of Tanks (WoT) at the time when the number of the coefficient is at 1.5. Only in this way you can get a good profit.

Live betting at World of Tanks (WoT) is a great way to win a bet. Such agreements are often won by people who bet on a more aggressive team. According to statistics, not all tank sport professionals behave aggressively and assertively from the first minutes of the battle. However, these are the teams that mainly quickly breakthrough to victory. It is easy to notice such tactics while watching the fight online. It is a 90% success rate. League: Tournaments and Bonuses

Until recently, tank battalion professionals were proving their skills at World Cyber Games (WCG). Five years ago, such tournaments ceased to exist. And together with them, the whole gamer's epoch fell into oblivion. League

However, this does not mean that the popularity of the game has declined. The satellite game League took over from the former founder of the tournaments. At the moment, he offers gamers not only exciting tank battles on different maps, and a wide range of iron machines, but also the opportunity to win money or advanced tanks. He has created bonds auction to increase the popularity of his application.

Last year, during this event, every gamer could become the owner of 10-level equipment. To do this, he needed to conduct ten fights on the Group of Companies. At the end of the battles, the player was given the opportunity to play the bonds.

Thanks to this event, many users have become owners of powerful tanks. In the New Year, the satellite game developer plans to repeat the auction. In addition to such an event, expensive top game items can be purchased at the wot-leader online store. League is the founder of many tank-format tournaments. Last year this developer gave gamers a lot of opportunities to prove their professionalism. He has launched such popular events as:

  • Clan scuffle;
  • Tank time. Battle of Platoons;
  • Tank football. Match of the best.

The company created the World of Tanks League. Thanks to these events, the best players were not only identified, but also significant winnings were distributed. With the help of the contests mentioned above professional gamers and people who play and earn on bets won.

In the 2019, the developer has already planned several promising tournaments with a good prize pool. Soon the competitions Potassovka 2x2 №18, Tournament №6165, №6166, etc. will start. Any registered user can take part in these events. Winners of these competitions will receive prizes and credits. People who have made the winning bets are waiting for a decent cash reward.

The Best World of Tanks (WoT) Players

The game WoT is almost a decade old. For such an impressive period of time in the world appeared a huge number of professional players. In the top of the best gamers of the discipline are now in the top:

  1. Vampir__groznyj [4I7OK];
  2. bergen78;
  3. STRIT_2016_1 [NPBY];
  4. ALjvarjA [BULTE];
  5. Vvkimson.

This is the elite of the popular game. These players have a decent number of wins in tournaments and matches of different levels. By betting on these virtuosos, you cannot worry about your winnings. However, you should still browse the match statistics. After all, literally every day in the tank battles, there are very active and promising newcomers.

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