Bets on Warcraft 3 Tournaments: An Opportunity to Earn Real Money and Have Fun

Warcraft 3 is an iconic RTS strategy game. The game was introduced in 2002. Quite quickly, it won the hearts of millions of users. This game lures gamers into a bright and colorful world called "Azeroth." Only the most experienced and strongest fighters can win against the forces of darkness.

Warcraft 3

More recently, Warcraft 3 has become an eSports discipline. Now the fans of the game can not only enjoy the game processes but also earn real money. It can be done in two ways:

  • to perform at the tournament and win;
  • bet on Warcraft 3;

Becoming a participant in the tournament is not easy, but it is possible. To do this, potential challenger should find a suitable event. Then register on the website. Properly specify your name, email, and other data. After that, take part in the qualifying competitions and become the winner.

For a successful start of a "solo career," newcomers are recommended to take part in tournaments of local scale. In this way, you can sharpen your skills. It is challenging to earn an impressive profit in such competitions. Therefore, fans of the strategy game can make bets on significant competitions in parallel. Many bookmakers' offices offer an opportunity to earn real money and have fun. Experienced users prefer to cooperate only with some of them. The list of reliable bookmakers now includes:

  2. Liga Stavok;
  3. Parimatch;
  4. 1xStavka;
  5. Pinnacle, etc.

These betting portals offer their customers a wide range of opportunities. On their pages, you can find the latest game schedules, tips, and recommendations for bets, and analytics of top players. These offices provide gamers with a wide range of tournaments, high payout rates, and a convenient interface for betting.

Unfortunately, they cannot please their customers with a variety of Warcraft 3 bets. On these sites, only bets on the outcome of the match are assumed. However, if you want, you can find an excellent option for a decent income on these portals.

Beneficial Offers From the "Liga Stavok": Bets on Tournaments on Warcraft 3

The popular bookmaker's office, "Liga Stavok," is a reputable licensed institution. There you can bet on the usual sports competitions and matches from the category of eSports. Customers of this institution can place bets "Ordinar", "Express," "System." These options are available only to registered players.

Liga Stavok

Becoming a regular customer at a bookmaker's office isn't hard at all. The registration procedure on the site will provide such an opportunity. To do this, press the "Register" button at the top of the screen. You should enter the required information in the window.

After identification of the applicant, the client will have free access to all the features of the site. Users should pay attention to the fact that the bookmaker's office "Liga Betting" cooperates only with people who are over 18 years old. Therefore, younger citizens of Russia should find another place to bet.

"Liga Stavok": Withdrawal

Playing for money is impossible without money investments. Therefore, each registered user of the bookmaker's office should replenish their game account. To do this, the gamer needs to use the option "Enter." It is located at the bottom of the page. At the service of customers, there will be immediately available several options for the replenishment of the account.

Different payment systems are accepted in the Liga Stavok. Here you can easily recharge your account with a bank card, e-wallet, MegaFon, MTS, Beeline, TELE2, etc. Funds will be credited in minutes. For this purpose, the TSUPIS/IBTAC website is used. The client can control the transaction at all stages of replenishment.

Withdrawal of Money at the Liga Stavok

Popular bookmaker "Liga Stavok" is a master in the transfer of money to an outside account. It quickly transfers the winnings to its clients. To get money, users only need to visit their personal accounts. Here in the section "Interactive betting management" you can find the button "Payout of winnings."

After you press it, you should choose the payment method. You can withdraw your winnings from the bookmaker's website to your Visa, Mastercard, and MIR bank card or, Yandex Money, and QIWI Wallet. Any of the above methods implies prompt delivery of money to the client's account.

Bookmaker's Office - Here You Can Put Profitable Bets on Warcraft 3

EGB bookmaker's office has been accepting bets on eSports for a long time. On its website, you can bet in such categories as Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Smite, Quake, PUBG, etc. This bookmaker offers his guests express and live bets, an impressive list of significant tournaments.

Here you can profitably put on Warcraft 3. However, you need to register on the site beforehand. This option does not differ from the registration on "Liga Stavok". It also implies verification, identification, and replenishment of your personal account. After passing these procedures, each client can make their most advantageous bet.

Tournaments on Warcraft 3 in 2024

Over the many years of its existence, Warcraft 3 has held a considerable number of large and small tournaments in this type of eSports. In the new year, the Chinese plan to hold large-scale competitions in this discipline.


eSports organization from China is launching an individual league. Its prize fund will be $700,000. This amount is a record in the history of Warcraft 3. It will be received by a player from Wuhan, Chengdu, Siang, or Beijing. It is from these cities that the best players who will sweep away the dust from the legendary game will be selected.

Analysts predict a very intense confrontation for this league. After all, in addition to players from China, the participation of gamers from America and Europe is expected. New Year's tournament promises to be very colorful and tense.

The creator of the game - Blizzard - also decided not to stay out in the new year. They announced a big patch and launched Warcraft III Invitational for veteran players. Many legendary gamers will take part in this competition. Celebrities are planned to appear:

  • Grubby;
  • Happy;
  • HawK;
  • ReMinD.

Fans of the fantastic game can see a real magical show at this tournament. Russia, South Korea, the Netherlands and many other countries of the world will come together to fight for the prize place. Twenty-four players from different countries will attend the Warcraft III Invitational. They will be offered an improved list of maps, updated editor, and additional new options.

Bets on Warcraft 3 Tournaments and Their Types

Warcraft 3 is a pretty old and top-rated computer game. However, for some reason, as an eSport, it does not please its fans with a wide range of bets. Bookmakers from around the world usually offer their customers several varieties of traditional betting. At the service of gamers, there are such bets as "Ordinar", "Express," "Victory with a handicap." With their help, you can win decent money only by finding a suitable tournament with a high prize pool. Preferably on a global scale.

Warcraft - gameplay

The most popular bet of experienced gamers and newcomers to the gambling world is "ordinary". It is a single betting, made to win one of the parties. When making such a bet, one should carefully weigh the abilities of the players. The experience of the gamer, the number of wins, the general condition of the player at the moment, and the desire to win are taken into account. The winning bet should be made with a cool head. You should not bet on your favorite team, knowing about its mandatory failure.

"Express" is also a very popular type of betting. Such a bet is not on a single competition but on a series. Winning on a similar bet gives the player a higher rate of return. However, such a score can only be obtained when all the matches included in the express were won. Therefore, such bets are made only by real professionals who know not only the nuances of the game but also the actual level of participants in the competition.

"Victory with a handicap" is a classic Warcraft 3 bet. It means the team wins but subtracts a certain amount of points from its asset based on the results of the match. Such a bet can be made in the format of "ordinar", "express." No other betting options are available in the popular strategy game.

Useful advice from analysts: Bets on tournaments in Warcraft 3 should not be made at random. This kind of eSports is not roulette. The chance of accidental success is almost zero. To improve it, you should completely immerse yourself in the world of the fantastic strategy game. Learn about the nuances and characters of the game, learn the maps, the behavior of players. Then get information about the best Warcraft 3 gamers and tournaments. Only the player who keeps his hand on the pulse of news and events of the world popular game can win on such bets.

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