Betting on StarCraft 2: The Golden Wire of eSports


Recently, the popularity of team computer games, which are held in world competitions. However, no less popular are the games one on one. Particularly in demand is the confrontation between two players in Starcraft 2.

The rapidly growing popularity of SC2 has turned the game into a worthy and significant discipline in eSports. International tournaments are especially popular, so the leading betting companies started to take bets on StarCraft 2. Logically, stakes are of interest to people who understand the intricacies of the game. But even if you're new to the game, you have a good chance of winning.

Bets with Real Money

Due to the rapid development of eSports, many gamers have made betting their primary source of income. Betting on Starcraft 2 is a real opportunity to earn: to do this, you need to use your gaming skills and ability to analyze.


There's a lot of money in circulation. Newcomers can make mistakes without knowing the main features of bets on eSports. Experienced gamers do not share their experience with great pleasure, but still, reveal some secrets of their skills.

Please note that bookmakers make forecasts without going into details. Quotes can be equivalent for both new and experienced players. Therefore, you should not rely on the value of the coefficient when choosing a favorite.

Keep track of the game statistics of the gamer you're betting on. Carefully study all the strengths and weaknesses of the player, so you don't regret it when you bet. It is essential to pay attention to the psychological aspect of the tournament, as the importance of the competition can put a lot of pressure, and the player may lose his nerve at the last moment. Often, experienced gamers are very good at controlling themselves.

Betting on Starcraft 2: A Winning Strategy

A lot of players are interested in how to make a bet to win. Exclusive predictions of the outcome of matches can help in this matter. They are offered by a considerable number of companies and betting companies, both for free and for money. But do not fully trust someone else's opinion, you need to learn to predict for yourself. This is not difficult if you follow a particular sequence when comparing players:

  1. consider the success factors on the selected map or against a particular race;
  2. pay attention to non-standard combat strategies;
  3. carefully study the information about the player: how long he plays, statistics of victories, which his primary opponents are and whether there were victories in serious competitions;

Having assessed the match and made a forecast for ourselves, we can move on to bets. To do this, you need to be a registered participant in a bookmaker's office. If you don't have an account, you can start it quickly enough.

A simple form is used to fill in personal and contact information. All provided personal data should be confirmed by scanned copies of documents, which should be provided to the administration of the bookmaker's office.

After registration, it is necessary to refill the account. All available payment systems are provided in the information section on the BO's website. Most companies prefer bank cards and electronic wallets for their promptness and safety.

Then the match and its outcome are selected. If you have profiles in several offices at once, it is time to compare the proposed conditions. Choose the most advantageous one. When you fill in the betting coupon, you will see the betting amount. Beginners shouldn't deviate from the game strategy and bet 2-3% of the total bank. Experienced gamers have acquired their working strategies, relying on their own experience.

If luck is on your side and you have correctly identified the winner, the account will soon receive the winning amount. Everyone can use it at their discretion. You can withdraw funds or make new bets on this money.

Starcaft 2 Game: Main Features

SC2 is a real-time network strategy. Here players must create an army and fight for control of the battle. The main guarantee of victory will be strategic thinking, which will help to predict the actions of opponents and outrun them with the help of collected information.

The game brings gamers into the 24th century. In the future, several intergalactic races are fighting. The player must choose one of them and evolve. On this challenging path, he will be chased by enemies who need to be destroyed. Each nation is endowed with specific characteristics and qualities that will help to win the hard struggle. You can pick between:

  • zergs are insectlike creatures controlled by a common mind. They are dominated by their abundance;
  • protosses are representatives of the ancient race. Their small number they compensate for the strength and power of fighting machines and unique psionic abilities;
  • Terrans are descendants of earthly inhabitants, profies in defense. They are able to survive under any conditions. The main weapon is the most powerful nuclear missile.

The primary purpose of the game is to eradicate the resources of the enemy. The main questions that torment new players are "how to play?" and "how to proceed?" There are basic rules that can be followed to ensure a successful passage. These include the following:

  1. always take care of the economy. After all, the more money, the more the army, because the main goal is to destroy the enemy;
  2. there should be no accumulation of cash in the game, so it is necessary to create workers, constructions, or warriors continuously. An expertly built army will not be difficult to change;
  3. do not forget to order supplies in advance. In the middle of the game, there may be a need to order, but there will be no such opportunity.

StarCraft 2 has gained considerable popularity, and bets on it are the actual entertainment of our time. It is best to place bets in offices that have a license. This guarantees you maximum safety and security. The official websites of the BO provide information about the schedule of upcoming matches and description of bets.

SC2 tournaments are very promising cyber disciplines. The competitions bring together a vast number of fans from different parts of the world. For those who want to earn money in this field, bets can be very profitable.

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